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Truth Initiative Ad Triage

Ad Design – Typography – Photo Editing – Graphics

This work’s goal was to create a triage of ads for the Truth Initiative, a non-profit organization focused on presenting facts about nicotine products to the youth to prevent them from getting addicted. The ads are meant to align with the Truth Initiative’s goal of preventing nicotine use in the youth. The biggest challenge for this triage was finding a convincing way of conveying to a younger audience why nicotine products are bad for their future health. The solution was a series of ads that present the viewer with a phone with a dating app layout, which has a profile picture of a nicotine product with a user bio that explains why that product is bad in a humorous way. Around it is simple text on a plain color background with the tagline “Swipe left on Nic.” Each ad can be presented as a poster, or as an interactive ad on smartphones that allow the user to physically swipe left on each profile, then transitions to the tagline of the campaign. The notion of swiping left is clever and effective not only because it is relevant to a younger audience but also because it implies that they shouldn’t even start a “relationship” with nicotine products while tying in another strong set of emotions for younger people: romance. 

Ad Triage

These ads can be used as interactive advertisements on social media or dating apps while doubling as posters.



Vape Devices

Chewing Tobacco

Sample Mockup