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Linocut Print

Printmaking – Illustration – Typography

This piece was created based on the theme of contemporary monsters. It is a limited run of 20 prints with 4 advanced proofs, making it highly collectible. The largest challenge of this project was its size; at 18”x24”, this was a monumental and imposing first attempt at linocut printmaking. The audience for this work is quite large, as it falls into several areas of collection: print collecting, the Godzilla fandom, and art collecting to name a few. The idea of the design was to present an interplanetary travel poster for the planet Earth, all while commenting on the state of our planet. In it, Godzilla rampages through a city, breathing his atomic breath down on a train, which falls off its tracks into the city below. Smoke and debris swirl underneath, and the whole scene is framed between two buildings. While the most obvious monster in the print is Godzilla, his allegorical message of humanity’s nuclear history is the true monster of the print. The design is meant to look appealing amidst the destruction to illustrate how humanity often ignores the destruction and horrors they create in favor of finding what little beauty remains. The result is an evocative, satirical work that shows beauty in destruction. 


Original Concept

The initial drawing for the concept of this print was quite small; the rightmost image is a scale comparison from the sketch to the final print! To achieve this print quality, the image was enlarged and retraced onto the linoleum with tracing paper. It was then reworked and detailed with marker before being carved.