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Strike Magazine Issue 02

Page Layout – Typography – Photo Editing – Illustration – Writing

Strike Magazine is a lifestyle publication founded at FSU that focuses on culture, fashion, and art. Strike aims to cultivate creative communities on college campuses allowing students to gain well-rounded professional experience in all facets of content production. This job’s primary goal was the creation of four spreads. Additionally, a written piece was requested mid-production. While the other written pieces, section theme, color, and typefaces were provided, layout, graphics, and photo editing & selection were left open to the discretion of the designer. The models were shot in a local arcade bar; hence the photo’s darks are deep, and the colors are intentionally oversaturated to highlight the games’ flashing lights. The photographs and textures are consistent with the aesthetic of the arcade, playing into its heyday and the analogue nature of photography at the time. As such, the use of darker colors for text background call to mind the dark atmosphere most arcades provide to allow optimal color and lighting from the screens on the machines. The titles and font color serve as light, punchy information the reader takes in, like a child at the arcade for the first time. The written piece places the reader in the seat of a visionary, taking them through the ups and downs of the creative process. It details the emotions one feels during the highs and lows of being a creative, while being inspirational and succinct. 


Authored Piece

Visionary (n.):

1: one having unusual foresight and imagination

2: one whose ideas or projects are impractical: see DREAMER

You can feel it in your bones. You know this idea will land, no matter how “impractical” other people think it is. You’ve been called crazy, a dreamer, and unrealistic. But when it comes together – when everything that they told you wouldn’t work falls into place, suddenly you’ll be a genius. Will this work? There will be obstacles, some small, some impossibly large. Things don’t always fall together as perfectly as you visualize. People around you can’t see the result that’s so clearly laid out in front of you, but to you it’s clear as day. Press on. Doubt will seep in, taking root and vining up into your mind, stressing you and clouding judgement. Trust the process. You’ve succeeded and failed in the past, and know how to learn from both. You’ve had hundreds of thousands of experiences leading you to this moment. Step back, take a deep breath, and dive in. Your worth isn’t defined by the success of your work; it’s defined by your ability to press on and continue to create things nobody could imagine creating but you. There are endless options, you see infinite possibilities in front of you. Each choice you make takes your vision into another future. Some are visible, others elude your sight like when the road in front of you dips down under a hill. Will you take a chance and drive down the road less traveled? Or will you travel the safe road to the more predictable outcome? The fact that you’re able to make these choices scares you, but also excites you. Once you realize that nobody but you can control the results, the feeling of freedom envelops you, filling your sails and pushing you faster and faster towards the clear path. You realize that some of the obstacles you faced aren’t in the way, they are the way. Doubt starts to clear, lifting like a fog. People around you start seeing your point, or at least trust that you know where you’re going. At last, you’ve become the master navigator of your own plan. You’ve transformed uncertainty to visionary. Visionaries aren’t people who listen to the crowd. They aren’t conventional. They consider possibilities people are quick to write off, and explore them for weeks and months – years even – until finally the unreal is real. It doesn’t end here, though; seemingly before their idea even comes to fruition, they’re on to the next idea, chasing the next impossible dream.