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Silver Surfer Black Funko Pop

Package Design – Illustration – Painting – Branding

The goal of this project was to create a custom Funko Pop! figure and package design that follows brand guidelines. It creates a new run of Funko Pop! comics that is currently unrepresented. The Funko Pop and subsequent packaging elements are an homage to a comic book run by the author Donny Cates, titled Silver Surfer Black. This custom figure would target audiences of the comic book industry as well as collectors of Funko Pop! figurines. A figure of the Silver Surfer already existed within the Funko Pop! line, so the process would involve removing the figure from the box, stripping all its paint, and painting a new design. The boxes of all Funko Pop! figures match the series they originate from, and even use specific logos on the Pop! branding depending on what segment of pop culture the figure comes from. Because this figure involved a comic run, the Pop! Comics logo was used. Additionally, each Pop! figurine features its own illustration on the box, meaning a custom illustration was made to match the figure itself. To match the accuracy of packaging, the original box was dissected and measured, and a template file was created to match the dimensions of the packaging panels. Finally, colors and series details were added to make the packaging believable. The result is a custom-painted Funko Pop! figurine that is brand-accurate and creates a new run of a previously unrepresented segment of comic book culture. 


Custom Figure

Package Design