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Singer Vehicle Design

Illustration – Graphics – Ad Design

The main objective of this piece is to create an advertising poster triage for Singer Vehicle Design, a company that prides itself on its attention to detail in restoring and modifying vintage Porsches. The hardest part of this process was creating interesting advertisements for a company that is already so revered in the car community – this company’s primary audience. Secondly, the posters had to live up to the reputation that Singer has for outstanding design. The solution reached was to create pieces that were as artistically beautiful as the vehicles themselves: each poster highlights a feat of design unique to Singer Porches. The first poster highlights the custom engine parts that Singer uses to beef up the vintage 911 motor. The second poster shows the attention to detail in the interior work; each piece of leather in the car is hand-woven and sewn – fabricated by humans, not machines. The final poster in the series highlights the tail of the 4.0-liter model, focused specifically on the mechanically deployed ducktail spoiler complete with circular holes in a plexiglass surface beneath the grill. All the posters are emblazoned with the Singer motto, “Everything is Important.” The illustrative style of this poster also aligns with Singer’s company values of creating the best version of what a vintage model can be: parts may be changed or updated, but everything is done in the spirit of recreating the vehicle from the 70s. Likewise, the choice to draw the piece rather than use photos was done not only to liken the cars to works of art, but also to call back to illustrated car posters and ads of the 60s and 70s. 

Fully-Illustrated Ad Triage

Each of these ad posters is individually made in full vector graphics, making them infinitely scalable and usable in more than just poster application.